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7 sessions program
of working with life issues

Bring to light
Bring to light
I help courageous travellers on the Path who are ready to bring to light the real issue behind various symptoms, to release stuck and frozen energy, restore the flow and finally, create a new healthy and beautiful reality.

If you feel you are:

Sounds familiar? Do one or more of these issues describe you?
If so, let’s talk!
Stuck with an unsatisfying, underpaid job
Far away from your dreams and it seems impossible to achieve them
Stuck with meeting the same type of partner in which results in the same repeated pattern of failure
You have already attended healing groups and took many different sessions, but nothing seems to work and your issue is still there
Stuck in a unhealthy, codependent relationship


We’ll look deeply into your current situation and what you want to achieve. Often dreams seem impossible or problems seem too big to solve because of our traumas and limiting beliefs. I use Family Constellation method to help you recognise the unconscious dynamics that run your life. To liberate you from them means to find the root cause behind different symptoms , affecting the way you live your life. Once we find it, the healing process starts.


Bringing the root causes of traumas and limiting beliefs to the light of conscious mind gives you freedom of choice. They rule your life only if they stay at a subconscious level.


All those traumas and limiting beliefs are stored in the physical body in the form of energy blockages. After the root cause is brought to the Conscious level and acknowledged, we release stuck and frozen energy through your body. I use Trauma Healing, BioDynamic Breathwork and Active Meditations.


We apply techniques, based on movement, visualisations, breath and vocalisations for creating new experiences in the body that displace limiting thoughts and emotions, such as shame, powerlessness, and low self-esteem with thoughts and emotions supporting you in achieving your dreams.



7 individual online sessions
7 individual 90-minute video sessions
(1 session per week)
Each session is unique and caters to what you are going through in each moment.
Supervision and support during the program
  • individually chosen structures and meditations for you to do in between the sessions to support your process
  • Real time communication during the program facilitated through WhatsApp messages 
  • 1 phone call, person to person, each week
Your personal toolkit
  • Individually chosen structures to support your process after the program
  • Prerecorded guided meditations for you to remain in the flow
A deep understanding of your inner structure creating problems or keeping you away from your dreams
A toolkit to overcome difficult situations in your professional and private life
Feeling more energised, as your life energy frozen in the blockage flows back into your system
Personal practical recommendations and techniques supporting you in your daily life

You will walk away with:

Price and Payment

Introduction call
€ 0
  • Duration 20 min
  • WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype call
  • Q&A, introduction
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Individual session
€ 120
  • Duration 90 min
  • 1 online LIVE session via Skype or Zoom
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Back to the flow program
€ 960
  • 7 sessions (90 min each)
  • 1 Bonus Q&A call per week
  • Guided practices and homework
  • Real time WhatsApp communication during the program
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About me

I am a Body Oriented Therapist, working with people in different countries for over 10 years. I have been trained in Family Constellations, Trauma healing ( SE), Tantra, Breath and Body work.

For years I was stuck in unhealthy relationships, meeting the same type of partner, repeating the same dynamics of conflict, power games and revenge…till one day I became really sick and tired of the viscious circle. I discovered and experienced Family Constellation and Trauma Healing (SE), and for the very first time, I felt real changes in me.

I discovered that unconsciously, I was taking revenge on my partner. This was conditioning, originating from my family history, and had for generations, kept manifesting itself again and again. I felt trapped in a loop. The discovery was the beginning of my healing.

Why do I feel confident to guide you through the process of overcoming your life issues? Because I have gone through it myself. It took me 20 years of experimenting with healing methods, travelling the world, meeting masters, teachers and luminaries, and "Back to the flow" process is the essence of my experiences.



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